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Towards inclusive coaching for leadership development through intercultural leadership coaching and peer coaching

April 10th, 2024, 16-17.30 CET/ 17-18:30 EET

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  •       The evolution of coaching for leadership development and emerging coaching approaches
  •       What are the key success factors in intercultural leadership coaching?
  •       Does it take two to tango? What is the impact of the coach’s and coachee’s cultural intelligence on coachee learning?
  •       Which dimensions of cultural intelligence matter the most in intercultural coaching?
  •       Do we need high-quality coaching relationships in intercultural coaching dyads?
  •       How does peer coaching foster employee proactivity and well-being in a self-managing organization?
  •       What are the key organizational benefits and challenges of peer coaching?
  •       How does organizational context affect coaching approaches?
  •       Practical implications of research findings for EMCC coaches 



Dr. Natalia Fey is a post-doctoral researcher at the Department of Leadership and Organizational Behavior at BI Norwegian Business School in Norway; an intercultural leadership coach (ICF-certified), and a volunteer ambassador at the ICF Community of Practice Coaching Science. She defended her doctoral dissertation, “Advancing coaching for leadership development: Coaching as an enabler of learning and well-being in local and global organizations,” at Hanken School of Economics in Helsinki, Finland, in the Fall of 2023. 


Extant coaching research largely focuses on the most traditional form of coaching for leadership development – executive coaching and mainly in traditional hierarchical business organizations. Against this background, Natalia advances scholarly and practitioner knowledge on how coaching enables leadership development beyond mainstream coaching forms and organizational contexts and in-depth studies of two innovative leadership development forms, intercultural leadership coaching, and peer coaching, in largely ignored organizational contexts of self-managing organizations and international development organizations. 

Her research reveals significant opportunities for more inclusive coaching for leadership development. In her research, Natalia draws on 15 years of professional experience in intercultural coaching and trainings.  Natalia Fey presented her research at leading academic conferences, including the Academy of Management, the European International Business Academy, and the Society for Intercultural Trainers, Educators, and Researchers. Her previous research has been published in Organizational Dynamics and Advances in Global Leadership.


Natalia’s latest research interests include coaching for sustainability leadership, coaching for collective leadership development, longitudinal studies on coaching for leadership development, and the dark sides of leadership development.


Natalia Fey lived in Sweden, China, the USA, and Finland before relocating to Oslo, Norway, in the Fall of 2023. Natalia speaks Swedish and gained her MBA from Stockholm Business School. In her free time, Natalia enjoys orienteering, yoga, exploring new cultures, music, reading, and writing.