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EMCC Nordic Conference 2024: All the Things We Share
Thursday 14. March, 2024 at 9.30 – 17.30, University of Copenhagen, Krystalgade, Copenhagen
Tämä on ensimmäinen EMCC yhteispohjoismainen (Suomi, Ruotsi, Norja ja Tanska) konferenssi -päivä, josta toivotaan vuosittaista perinnettä!
Kokoonnumme Köpenhaminan kauniiseen yliopisto -rakennukseen (Krystalgade 25 1172 Copenhagen, perustettu 1479 eli Skandinavian toiseksi vanhin yliopisto Uppsalan jälkeen). Saliin mahtuu rajoitetusti osallistujia, joten jos olet kiinnostunut tapaamaan pohjoismaisia EMCC kollegojasi, ilmoittaudu ja varaa paikkasi välittömästi tästä.
Koko päivän konferenssin hinta on Dkr 595 (EUR 80). Alla lisää päivän ohjelmasta.
We share our love for professional dialogues, and with these dialogues, we journey towards the future that we are about to become a part of. We invite you to a Nordic conference that celebrates the professionalism that brings us together and looks ahead to what will shape our path forward. At the same time, we will celebrate our community and create a day for individual and collective learning and networking through top-notch keynotes, demonstrations and facilitated dialogues about learning. And you will get to meet a lot of inspiring co-practitioners from across our EMCC Community in the Nordics.
David Drake 
David is one of today’s central contributors to the field of coaching. Throughout his career as a coach and trainer, David has been one of the absolute beacons in the field. At the conference, in his keynote, he will delve into his thoughts on “Coaching Maturity” and demonstrates his expertise in a live session. He will also participate in a concluding panel discussion on how we can move forward as a profession.
Rebecca Rutschmann
is a prominent figure in artificial intelligence, challenging and enriching our field of learning and professional dialogues. In her keynote, Rebecca will provide insights into what AI can already do and what it means for the coaching field. She will also show us how an AI Coach can practice in a live session. Finally, she will participate in the concluding panel discussion.
Reinhard Stelter and Jeffrey Hull
David and Rebecca are joined by Reinhard Stelter and Jeffrey Hull for a “Circle of Experts” in our concluding panel debate about “How Can We Move Forward as a Profession?”.
The program will be updated.
With the conference we wish to strengthen our bonds with the entire Nordic region, while creating an outstanding day of learning, networking and community building for our members. You are invited to an unofficial program with a conference dinner (separately charged), where we provide space for informal connections across boarders.

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