Privacy Policy

EMCC is committed to protecting your personal data. Our Privacy Policy contains important information about what personal details we collect, what we do with that information, who we may share it with and why, and your choices and rights when it comes to the personal information you have given us.


Personal data is any information that can be used to find out your identity. This includes such information as your name, address or telephone number.



EMCC does not identify you or keep any information (e.g. IP address) when you access our websites.


Cookies are small text files stored by the browser on your computer or other device when you visit our website. Cookies store small pieces of information e.g. they will remember you’ve visited our website or performed a certain action. However, personal data can never be obtained from cookies.

We use cookies to help us improve your experience when you visit our website. For example, a cookie might store information so you don’t have to keep entering it.

For cookies to be stored on your computer, you do not need to make any special browser settings. The browser accepts cookies as a default setting and stores them in a folder that may be named ‘Temporary Internet Files’ for example. To stop cookies, simply deactivate this function in your browser. For more information, consult the help files for your browser. You can also delete cookies at any time. Cookies can speed up your access to our websites as they store your previous viewing information so note that deactivating or deleting cookies may restrict your use of the website and the available services.


EMCC is registered as a not for profit organisation in Belgium. According to Belgian law we are required to keep financial records showing any payments you make to us for seven years e.g. your membership (if direct with EMCC International), buying a book, booking a conference place, paying for accreditation application etc. This information is kept separate from your membership record. We will never use these details to contact you in regard to anything except your payments.

If you pay your membership direct to an EMCC country then you must contact that country regarding that financial transaction.


When you apply for membership with EMCC we require you to let us have your name, country, city, telephone number, and email address. We keep this information in order to maintain your membership. You can optionally also provide other details such as your full address, your website etc.

These details are only kept for the purposes of maintaining your membership. You are free to withdraw this information at any time online by making changes in your membership record and we will immediately remove it from our database. By doing so you will be cancelling your membership of EMCC.


If you are a member of EMCC you automatically have a ‘Find a Mentor/Coach’ profile on our website which is publically searchable. The profile is created using your membership data. You can add information to this profile including a CV, areas of expertise (your profile will automatically be set to ‘general’), the languages you speak, which countries you work in, links to your website etc.

You can remove your publically listed profile from our website at any time by amending the Find a Mentor/Coach part of your membership record. Changes in this area do not affect your membership record.


When you make an enquiry about accreditation we make a log of the nature of your enquiry, your contact details, our response, and if you proceed to the application stage. We use this information to:

You can view your record at any time and also request for us to remove this data. Once you are accredited we keep your contact data and contact history so that we can:


When you buy a ticket for one of our conferences, webinars, or any other type of event we keep a record of your personal data before, during, and after your purchase.

Before and during the conference the data is used to ensure that you get the most out of your event.
After the event we keep your data so that we can let you know of other events that you might be interested in.
For conferences specifically:


We save the information you provide on specially protected servers. These servers can be accessed only by a limited number of carefully selected persons who are subject to strict confidentiality requirements and legally binding confidentiality agreements.


Third parties who receive data as data processing contractors are also subject to data protection regulations and contractual confidentiality obligations. We may be obliged to provide data to courts, public authorities, or other state bodies. You data will otherwise not be made available to third parties. We never sell your data to third parties.


Our website contains links to other websites e.g. our accredited training providers websites or individual coach/mentors listed in our ‘Find a Mentor/Coach’ database. We have no influence on compliance with data protection laws by the operators of these sites.


You can withdraw your consent for the storage of your personal data at any time. The data will then be deleted immediately provided that it is not prescribed by law or needed for billing or accounting purposes or as soon as these purposes are fulfilled.

If you have further questions on this privacy policy, data protection, would like to see what data we hold on you, or wish to have your data removed please contact:

EMCC International General Secretary


We hope that you will never have a reason to complain about the EMCC and data we store about you. If you do have concerns please contact EMCC International General Secretary so that we can work with you to put things right.

You have the right to make a complaint to a supervisory authority, in particular in the Member State of your habitual residence, place of work, or place of the alleged infringement if you consider that the processing of personal data relating to you infringes on GDPR regulations. You can view further details here